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Herd Model GT-77 for ATVs, or Lawnmowers

ATV seeder, ATV spreader or Herd turf seeder, turf spreader.

• Heavy duty one-piece grey-iron base

• Hopper capacity of 77 lbs. of fertilizer or 1.2 bushel of seed

• Stainless steel pivot plate for years
of service

• 4-bladed plastic fan

• Hopper lid to keep material in hopper and dry at all times

• Mounting kits to fit most ATVs

• 12-volt electric motor hooks directly to fan (low amp draw)

Accessories Available:

• #517 blocking plate for spreading granular chemicals

• Adaptable for spreading fire ant bait
• #813 Rehostat

Herd model GT-77 turf spreader, turf seeder or ATV seeder, ATV spreader.


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